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From now on, I will recommend your dating service to all the singles living in emigration.

Hello! I never believed in this type of services and approached them extremely skeptically. Today, I have a different opinion on this matter... I want to thank the administration of the service... Thanks to you, I found something special... greetings and I assure you that from now on I will recommend your dating service to everyone looking for something that makes time slow down. Izabela x

How did Laura and Irek meet

Laura and Irek went to Great Britain around 2006. Like hundreds of thousands of other Poles, they went there in search of happiness, mainly financial, but also the ordinary life kind. For several years, it was difficult for them to find themselves in a foreign country, slowly getting to know the culture and customs. In the meantime, the problem of loneliness arose, which increasingly plagued them. They had so many friends, family in Poland, and here only work - home, home - work. One day they decided to take matters into their own hands. Friends mentioned our portal to them, they decided to give it a try, although they were not convinced about online dating. The end of this dating story comes at the beginning of 2009. Guess what happened next? We received an email from Laura with photos (which she allowed us to post on the website - for which, once again, we thank her warmly), with the following content: "Thanks to your portal, in just 5 months I am getting married!!!! Thank you very much and congratulations to you too!!!!! thank you very much!!!!!!".

Monika thanks for happiness in love

Here is a message from our user: I never believed -But I think this is it -And I am immensely grateful to you -I wish this portal gives people as much joy as it gave me sincerely Monika, after receiving our standard message, of which we are sending more and more: "We are extremely happy that thanks to our Polish dating site - Polish Hearts - you managed to find the right person! Congratulations and we wish you lots of happiness and love!" We received a message from Monika: Above all, I want to thank this portal warmly - because I found my better half here - and I am a happy woman - I have what I was looking for here - that's why I want to delete my account - and I kindly ask you for help - please tell me what to do. Sincerely, Monika

How I found love on Polish Hearts!

Hello dear POLISH HEARTS, I am writing this message to thank you for being here and for helping me find my dream love. I have never registered on similar portals before, I came across PH completely by accident, maybe loneliness pushed me to register and create an account with you. At first, I did not take it seriously until I met my TREASURE. Thanks to you, my life has gained meaning, I am happy and satisfied, and most importantly, in love. Register on PH, buy premium and send messages, help love because it is really worth it. GREETINGS AND THANK YOU AGAIN (I forgot to add - I delete the profile)

I have chosen to continue on this one path of life, the one I want to be joined with in good and bad times.

I am planning to delete my profile from the Polish Hearts website, where I was able to meet many wonderful women. I have chosen for further journey of life the one with whom I want to connect in good and bad times.... I will inform the Administration of Polish Hearts about the further fate of my life. Bartek60