O mnie

42 lat
Znak zodiaku:
Belgium, Vlaams Gewest, Antwerpen, Turnhout, Herenthout

Wygląd & charakter

Stosunek do palenia:
staram się rzucić
piję okazyjnie
nie mam ale chcę mieć
Kolor włosów:
Kolor oczu:
Języki, w których mogę się porozumiewać:
angielski, niderlandzki
Czego szukasz?:
małżeństwa, poważnego związku
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O mnie

Hi! Nice to meet you!???? I ‘m Roeland and I was born and I ’m living in Belgium.
Belgium is a very beautifull and varied country: we have sea&beach, small mountains, lakes, beautiful cities, forests,...and good restaurants????
I live in my own house, in a quiet town, near a big city.
I am divorced and single now for about 1,5 year...
Other people say that I am a person of integrity, a ‘pleaser’, loyal and fair, a hardworking man, funny (tries to be????) and likes to laugh with others, always willing to help other people and family and friends. I find those things important in life and doing that makes my personal life meaningfull.
I am a self-employed and independent garden and landscape architect, have my own business and love my work.


I prefer a well-groomed woman, hygienic, a woman with a healthy and unique libido and radiant appearance, a life-friend who gets up happy (almost????) every day, a woman who I can sometimes surprise and spoil, which who I could go to a restaurant every week and made sometimes a trip to a city or go for a walk in the nature, one that love candles and the open fire and the warmth in our own place and home, someone that enjoying when listening to her stories, with whom I am proud with and a girl that I could make proud too, someone who can find a kind of ‘comfort’ in me and to whom I can offer 'comfort', a woman who enjoys supporting me in my work and someone who wants to get to know and visit my family, ...
In short: a natural and unconditional relationship, with a balanced 'give and take' between me and her...
Is that an unrealistic dream, do you think?

Moje Zainteresowania

I like going out to restaurants, to the movies or theater, walking in the woods, enjoying nature, trips to beautiful cities or the sea. But, ofcourse and more simple: a comfortabel, romantic and coisy evening at home in the sofa, with my partner, could be wonderful too. I also like travelling to other countries, for one or two times a year, abroad with my future partner…
Would you like to share that all with me?
can i make you shine&feel like a diamond?